600% More TokBox at Meebo.com!

You’re thinking, “Whoa! What does that mean?!”

Moments ago, we launched the newest member of the TokBox family: Group Chat. For starters, it offers up to six slots for chatting with your chattiest friends on meebo.com. For those of you still looking for private one-on-one video calling, we’ve beefed up the video settings and introduced immediate call back, higher definition image quality than ever, more stability and more uppity speed to help you stay connected.

Go to meebo.com and invite your friends to chat using Group Video Chat [by TokBox]. We’re all over the concept of quality in quantity and freedom of communication. Stay tuned for more in the coming days.


  • Pascal Barbier


    I and a coworker created a meebo account to try this exciting new feature but we can’t find the ‘group video chat’ link or icon within the meebo client page.

    Thanks in advance for any hint or how-to

    Pascal Barbier.

    • http://arctg.com Dennis Kmetz

      Hey… I am having the same problem.

      Where did you find the link (I am using the browser interface… is there a client I need to download?)


  • Pascal Barbier

    Forget about it.

    Found it.

  • pk

    It works great. One thing, though, is that with tokbox, it is simple to describe the relevant link over the phone to someone who doesn’t have IM. With Meebo, you have to IM someone. That’s kind of a bummer.

    I’m using it, and enjoying.

  • Murat Santer

    What can i say more it is greattt. i am a meebo user also…

    Thanks Thanks Thanks again and again for that service…

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  • phil wojtalewicz


    For simple grandparents with desire, computer, but not audio or camera equipment, is there a link for package
    to get the stuff to make it happen?

    If not, any interest in creating such a place?


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  • http://www.facebook.com/princess105 Princess Hall

    I love Meebo but I hate them since they announced that they were going to shut down there system. So I find the best alternative and I found it! check this out guys, http://www.chatwing.com This is a pretty cool stuff to all of us!

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