OpenTok for Mobile: now on Android OS

Nearly 7 months ago, we publicly announced that the OpenTok API would extend its reach to native mobile application developers by publishing the OpenTok iOS SDK. In the time since, we have tightened the performance of the SDK runtime for iOS devices and spent a good deal of time learning about how best to deliver video to the mobile platform. While iOS commands a large portion of the mobile app market, it is intuitive that we should build similar SDKs for other popular platforms outside of the browser. It is a pleasure to announce that we are developing the OpenTok Android SDK, to allow native Android developers to bring live video chat to their apps.

The Android OS opens a wide set of devices and system API versions to with which to work. While we do not expect to target the entire Android device landscape, most mobile devices built in the past two years that run Android OS should be able to support video chat in a native app. As we learn the baseline of devices and OS versions that developers wish to target, we will work to ensure a quality experience with the OpenTok API for the broadest set of mobile devices possible.

A demo application using the OpenTok Android SDK is available on GitHub, which developers can download and run on their Android devices today. The standalone SDK is hosted separately. We’re collecting data on which devices work, so go ahead and give it a spin, then let us know how it went. Finally, tell us about your app! We are interested in what kind of application you’re working on, devices you’re interested in getting video chat to work with, and Android OS API versions those devices are able to support.

  • aroha

    Coincidental timing, I was just looking for this as of yesterday!

  • Rohit

    Any update about Android Lib.

  • giuliohome

    can i develop a simple webrtc app for Android API level 10 on Galaxy Ace for example ?

    • Song Zheng

      Unfortunately, no and no. Android API works with our Flash stack (not WebRTC), API version 16+ and the list of supported devices here:

      • sxing

        It also works well on a Galaxy Nexus with both 4.1 and 4.2.

  • Sameer

    Your hello world for android does not work on any device except Samsung S3. I am able to connect stream of S3 with iOS but not able to make connection between nexus and S3. These problems are weird . On nexus, Session is connected but stream does not published. Please specify when you will increase the support for more android device

    • Song Zheng

      Sorry that you are experiencing this Sameer. we are focusing on one device to work out the basic functionality of the SDK, and will start supporting more devices as we get more worked out. Please be patient, our android SDK is in very early beta.

      • Sameer

        Thanks you for your nice support. I will wait but approximately when you will launch its full version.

      • Sameer

        So deadline April has been finished. When you are planning to launch full version of Android

        • Ankur Oberoi

          I’m not sure which deadline in April you are taking about. Can you point it out?

          We have much better support for more devices now. Take a look at the README for the project on GitHub for a list of the supported ones.

          • Sameer

            OK. ..Actually on a conversation, OpenTok official confirm that they have beta version launch for android and going to launch full version in passed april. I will check on GitHub

  • Prakash Khandelwal

    how to use this API to make video calls.. I am beginner and so not having so much knowledge about it.

  • Shailesh Singh Chauhan

    I am using this sdk. and having two device nexus s and samsung s3 but not able to test. or Not working.
    Is it not supported for nexus s with android 4.1.2

    • Ankur Oberoi

      Hi Shailesh,

      The Nexus S is not a supported device at this time. To find a complete list of the supported devices (and to see as they continue to grow) check out the SDK’s Readme at

      • Shailesh

        Thanks for reply ankur.

  • Manish Kumar

    Hi, is chat feature implemented in Android sdk? Any documentation anywhere about it?

    • Ankur Oberoi

      Hi Manish,

      All the features discussed here are available in Android as a beta release. You can find a Hello World app here: Try it out and let us know what you think.

  • parmil

    Hi ,
    I developing a Video chat application in android .I am using Open Tok SDK for video chat.I am able to open the Chat Session using session id and token from from project dashboard.But My i am able to generate session id and token dynamically in production mode.Please tell how i use java server side sdk to generate Session id and token ??????????

    • Ankur Oberoi

      Hi Parmil,

      Have you tried using the Java server-side SDK?

      • parmil

        Hi Ankur,

        Thanks for your reply.Now i am able to generate session id and token by using Java server-side SDK.But i am only able to see Publisher view.I am not able to see subscriber.

        But if i use session id and token from from project dashboard,them i am able to see Publisher view and subscriber view.

        Is there any way to use in Open Tok like in iOS as given in this link ?.

        • Ankur Oberoi

          Great! Glad that worked for you.

          Regarding the difference between generating those values on Dashboard and using the Java SDK, is it possible that you accidentally delivered different ‘sessionId’s to each client when they connect? In that case, both would be able to publish but since their streams are in different sessions, they would never get the ‘streamCreated’ event.

          If that doesn’t solve your problem, please send an email to and we will work with you directly to see why this is happening.

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  • GregKorman

    “While iOS commands a large portion of the mobile app market”

    Android has over 5 TIMES the market share of iOS. Android currently has 81% marketshare with iOS at about 13% and dropping every single year while Android increases every single year.

  • Shrikant Salunkhe

    Hi, I am able to doing one to one video chatting. Is it possible video broad casting using openTok?

  • Stephen Pengilley

    Hi there,

    I get 404 error when trying to view the github project mentioned above

    • Ankur Oberoi

      Hey Stephen,

      Thanks for pointing that out. The project has been moved into the sample directory of the download itself. You can grab the latest version in the download link on this page:

  • Atashi Roy

    I am very new in OpenTok…Please guide me regarding that.I created helloworld demo, but could not connect with other device.I can see my video in both end and not connect with different device.

    • Ankur Oberoi

      Hi Atashi,

      Looks like you’ve made some good progress by getting Hello World running. The next step would be to run the application on another device (or web browser window) using the same API Key, session ID, and token. Note that in general each user should be given a unique token, but if you’re just trying to get 2 way video working, its okay to reuse them.

      • Keerthana

        Hi , i want to implement video call for my application and i am new to using opentok.I ran the application with same session ID, Key as you mentioned above.But i am unable to get anything to work.Can you please explain how the process works. I’ve been struck with this for two day’s.

        Thank’s in advance.

  • John Read

    I am an owner of smartphone application development. Best Post

  • wells

    I have integrated video chat using Opentok and it works really well but the issue I’m facing now is that it will work only if both of us open up the app. What the requirement is that we should be able to make video call even if the other user has not opened up the app. Please help me in this and thanks in advance.

  • Sarath Babu

    Is there any possibility of using opentok with like IOS?

  • Mahadev Dalavi

    for opentok android integration ,is it compulsory required server side but which is most suitable language for server side sdk please give me quick response (Java,python,.NET,PHP,Node js)