OpenTok gets its first mobile features

Since we launched the OpenTok API back in November of last year, we have been inundated with questions about when it would be available for mobile.  Well, we have been busy working away at it and the good news is that today we are launching the first set of mobile features.

Now developers can build video chat into AIR apps for Android and iOS devices, enabling mobile users to participate in a video chat. In addition, they can also create web apps that are viewable in the browser on Android devices. You can find out a great more technical detail by heading to our Developer blog where Jeff gives the full scoop on what you can and can’t do.

We realize that these features don’t provide a complete mobile solution for developers – you can’t build Android or iOS apps using the Android or iOS SDKs for starters – but we’re working on it.  It is going to require some technical wizardry on our part though.  The lack of interoperability of Flash on iOS devices is the first issue, and HTML5 just isn’t ready for two-way video communication right now.  Rest assured though that we have some great technical minds working on it.

We’re looking forward to seeing the first few apps and what developers do with these APIs, and we’ll be keeping you posted about further mobile developments.

  • Michaela Abreu

    toxbox? new i guess /:

  • Shabeer Muhammed


  • Gerald Henderson

    does this for the iphone?

    • mickyob


      Are you trying to work out if OpenTok works on the iPhone? If so, you could check out our new mobile APIs that enable you to develop AIR apps for iPhone. (


      • JL

        I am very interested in the AIR apps for iPhone, I am just concerned about Apple’s policy toward compiling AIR apps into iphone apps, are there any restrictions?

        • Melih Onvural


          Apple has lifted this restriction in their latest terms of service. We’d love to see you build out an iOS AIR app, and then let us know about the experience.

  • Juliet

    Will an av chat work fine over a 3G connection?

    • Melih Onvural

      We have functionality in place which looks at the bandwidth available, and adjusts the video quality to adapt. This is the naive approach to working with OpenTok on a mobile application.

      The more advanced technique would be to use our auto-production functionality in conjunction with the quality property on the Connection class . To get further help on this, please post questions to our Forum at

  • Anne

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  • Hatguman

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  • Anonymous

    All the links seem to be down on this article. Is this still in the plan?