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WebRTC Conference & Expo Best in Show!

We’re excited to announce that our OpenTok platform won Best in Show at November’s WebRTC Conference & Expo, the world’s largest WebRTC exposition. Learn more about the innovative advancements that brought home the award.

  • Archiving & Playback

    Developers can now add archiving capabilities to their applications with just a few lines of code. Real-time video conversations are recorded, live-stitched, and automatically stored as MP4 files.

  • Android SDK

    Our newest SDK allows you to create native Android applications that interop with both iOS and the web.

  • Dynamic Frame Rate Controls

    With the latest addition to our Intelligent Quality Controls family, developers can allocate frame rates to individual video streams for optimal user experience.

  • TURN Over TCP

    OpenTok now supports TURN over TCP for firewall traversal, allowing WebRTC to work in restricted networking environments.

Our Keynote

WebRTC for commercial applications – What it really takes
Ian Small, CEO, TokBox

TokBox's session highlights

Business Impact and Directions
Ian Small, CEO

WebRTC & Social Solutions
Melih Onuvural
Head of Product Management

Using the Data Channel for More than File Sharing
Badri Rajasekar, VP, Engineering

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Mobile World Congress

Ian Small
TokBox CEO
February 26, 2014, 2:00-3:30

The Future of Voice

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Our areas of expertise include WebRTC, real-time communications, video-chat industry trends, live-video use cases, Big Data for communications platforms, cross-platform development, live video for mobile, API management, and cloud services.

Ian Small


Badri Rajasekar

VP of Engineering

Gustavo Garcia Bernardo

TokBox Cloud Architect

Scott Lomond

VP of Marketing

Melih Onvural

Head of Product Management