OpenTok iOS SDK 2.2 release notes

New features and changes

Version 2.2.1

  • Updated to use version 1.0.1h of OpenSSL.
  • Created backwards compatibility with OpenTok iOS SDK 2.1.7 (subscriber orientation).

Version 2.2.0

Known issues

This version of the OpenTok iOS SDK is currently compiling for only the armv7 architecture. Remove other architectures from your build settings. This does not affect the availability to any iOS devices. However, you will not be able to run your application in the simulator.

You cannot target the iOS Simulator. Build and deploy to a supported iOS device.

This version of the OpenTok iOS SDK does not support displaying videos using Apple AirPlay.

In a session with the media mode set to relayed, only one client can subscribe to a stream published by an ioS device.

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