OpenTok Server SDKs

Our server SDKs conveniently wrap the OpenTok REST API, and they let developers securely generate tokens for their OpenTok applications, allowing them to build smarter WebRTC-powered applications. They are a powerful adjunct to our WebRTC client libraries. Below you will find the list of official SDKs, which are regularly tested, and SDKs created and supported by our community.

Server SDKs

Server SDKs are helpful when implementing server-side components to help you manage, monitor and orchestrate chat sessions between users.

  • Java - Official Java library.
  • PHP - Official PHP library.
  • Python - a library for python developers.
  • Ruby - a Ruby gem and source for Ruby developers.
  • .NET by Robert Phan - a library for .NET developers.
  • Node.js - source code for our node.js library.
  • Perl by Maxim Nikolenko - perfect for CGI and Perl based applications.
  • Golang by Charles Cary - for Google's Go language.

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