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Capabilities class

A class defining properties of the capabilities property of the Session class. See Session.capabilites.

Capabilities properties

The Capabilities class includes the following properties:

forceUnpublish (Number) — Specifies whether you can call the Session.forceUnpublish() method. To call the Session.forceUnpublish() method, the user must have a token that is assigned the role of moderator.

publish (Number) — Specifies whether you can publish to the session (1) or not (0). The ability to publish is based on a few factors. To publish, the user must have a token that is assigned a role that supports publishing. There must be a connected camera and microphone. Also, the client environment must support publishing. (Currently, publishing is not supported when running in the browser on Android OS.)

publishH264 (Boolean) — Specifies whether you can publish h.264 video (true) or not (false). You should check this property if your app needs to support the OpenTok iOS SDK, which supports h.264 video only.

subscribe (Number) — Specifies whether you can subscribe to streams in the session (1) or not (0). Currently, this capability is available for all users on all platforms.


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