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TBCapabilities class

Extends: Object

Package: com.tokbox.model

A class defining properties of the capabilities property of the Session class. See Session.capabilites.

TBCapabilities properties

The TBCapabilities class includes the following properties:

forceUnpublish (Number) — Specifies whether you can call the Session.forceUnpublish() method. To call the Session.forceUnpublish() method, the user must have a token that is assigned the role of moderator.

publish (Number) — Specifies whether you can publish to the session (1) or not (0). The ability to publish is based on a few factors. To publish, the user must have a token that is assigned a role that supports publishing. There must be a connected camera and microphone. Also, the client environment must support publishing. (Currently, publishing is not supported when running in the browser on Android OS.)

subscribe (Number) — Specifies whether you can subscribe to streams in the session (1) or not (0). Currently, this capability is available for all users on all platforms.


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