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From start-up to established enterprise, our platform scales to meet your needs.

Advanced features

Our industry-leading suite of features is second to none.

Simple implementation

Our comprehensive API makes it easy to deliver world-class communication experiences powered by WebRTC.

New to OpenTok:
Archiving & Playback.

Archiving & Playback makes it easy to record, save, and retrieve OpenTok sessions.

Now launched as a private beta, Archiving & Playback allows developers to record real-time communication during OpenTok sessions. Archives will automatically be stored in the cloud and available for download.

Features include:

  • Server-side recording of all streams
  • Live compositing
  • Single downloadable result file (MP4)

Our beta period allows partners to evaluate the Archiving & Playback solution and influence its feature set. There is no additional charge for archiving during the beta period.

Beyond text chat.

Our messaging stack allows users to distribute data between all endpoints.

Features include:

  • A highly scalable messaging stack for a vast range of applications, from updating a virtual white-board between multiple participants to simple text-chat integration
  • Adaptability to 1-to-1, multi-party, or broadcast scenarios, all supported by the OpenTok platform
  • Tight integration with the existing OpenTok platform, eliminating clunky integration with third-party APIs

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Intelligent Quality Control

Intelligent Quality Control (IQC) ensures a smooth and consistent experience for all users.

Features include:

  • Audio-only fallback and recovery for bandwidth fluctuations
  • Static resolution and frame-rate settings for optimal bandwidth allocation
  • Restricted frame rate for large groups and classrooms that require a large presence
  • Easy implementation and utilization

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Advanced WebRTC connectivity.

OpenTok leads the industry with powerful and reliable connectivity.

The OpenTok connectivity features include:

  • An array of dedicated TURN servers for firewall traversal
  • A connectivity doctor and other tools to help network admins diagnose challenges and optimize their ecosystems for OpenTok
  • Code snippets demonstrating industry best practices for connectivity
  • Unparalleled connectivity solutions not provided by standard WebRTC

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The OpenTok Android & iOS SDKs keep everyone connected.

Our cross-platform SDKs allow for seamless communication between web, Android, and iOS devices. When it comes to WebRTC, TokBox is your one-stop cross-platform shop, covering 95% of all worldwide mobile devices.

Beyond text chat

The scalable OpenTok messaging stack allows users to distribute data between endpoints, enabling simple text chat integration and other more complex applications. The messaging stack is tightly coupled with the existing RTC platform, making clunky third-party APIs obsolete.

Robust cross-platform calling

The industry-leading OpenTok Media Router traverses firewalls and mitigates bandwidth strain, enabling simple, crystal-clear calls. The spare bandwidth can be used for archiving, compositing, and other key services on top of the core platform.

Intelligent Quality Control (IQC)

Whether triggered automatically (e.g. audio-only fallback) or as part of your web-based application (e.g. restricted frame rate), IQC ensures an ideal experience based on a user’s available resources. Good IQC can be difficult to build—but with OpenTok it is extremely easy to use.

Making connectivity simple

TokBox is pushing to improve WebRTC connectivity industry-wide by creating a successful experience for all Wifi and cellular customers. This means we are building our own TURN servers, a connectivity doctor for network admins, and code snippets demonstrating best practices.

"Low latency, high quality, and encrypted video is a top priority for our product. The OpenTok WebRTC SDKs are the only solution that meets and exceeds all of these requirements on both iOS and the web."
— David Cann, CEO, Double Robotics

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Robust multi-party calling

Allow 5, 10, or even 20 users to participate in one session concurrently.

Multi-party video on OpenTok is enabled by:

  • Bandwidth strain mitigation, ensuring much clearer calls than with traditional WebRTC
  • Intelligent Quality Control (IQC) to provide an optimal experience for each participant
  • The OpenTok Media Router, which supports feature-rich calls
  • The ability to customize layout

IE: meet WebRTC

The same native WebRTC features enjoyed by Chrome and Firefox users are now available on IE with the OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer.

Benefits of the OpenTok plugin include:

  • Full support — Publish and subscribe to peer-to-peer and multi-party OpenTok sessions.
  • One-time download — Our plugin updates itself and requires just a single download. Once installed, you're good to go.
  • Full cross-browser compatibility — Communicate seamlessly across all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox and IE.

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