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OpenTok is the leading WebRTC platform

for embedding live video, voice, and messaging into your websites and mobile apps.

Advanced features

Complete WebRTC suite

OpenTok offers an industry leading suite of features to power real-time communications.

Features include: mobile and web SDKs, archiving, text chat, messaging, analytics, firewall traversal, multi-party support, Internet Explorer plugin and more.

Reliable & secure

Telefónica-backed infrastructure

OpenTok infrastructure delivers the reliability, global coverage and scalability you need. With data centers across the globe, from New York to Tokyo, we’ve got you covered.

On top of that, our encryption and authentication practices ensure that your information is always safe.

WebRTC experts

Focus your energy

Focus on what you know how to do best and leverage our WebRTC expertise to power your real-time communications.

With zero infrastructure setup required, simple documentation and development tools, we make integration quick and easy.

Limitless possibilities

See what OpenTok can do for your business