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Telehealth Accelerator

Easily embed communications into health & fitness applications

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TokBox enables organizations to easily embed live video, voice and messaging directly into web and mobile apps. With best practices and professional services from TokBox to perfect your application, you can accelerate development and time to market.

Healthcare providers & fitness organizations can now offer their patients, clients and users a superior experience online through real-time communications. Whether for a doctor to share results with a patient or for specialists to collaborate over online medical records, users can get the help or advice that they need, anytime, anywhere.

  • Reduced costs & go to market times
  • Secure & Encrypted
  • HIPAA compliant and Safe Harbor certified
  • No downloads required for end users
  • Easy to embed into EHR & EMR systems
  • Customizable UI to fit brand look and feel
  • Interactive collaboration features including screen sharing and annotation
Core Features
Easy to Embed

Real-time communications are easy to embed with best practices and professional services from TokBox.

Live Video & Voice

Professionals and clients can communicate through live video and voice in the context of a site or app - no downloads required.

Text Chat

The text chat feature makes it simple for users to share content - URLs, contact details, and more.

Interactive Collaboration Features

Screen sharing and file annotation makes it easy for experts to share and collaborate with files and records.

Encrypted Archiving

Built-in call recording makes it possible to comply with strict standards, and provides easy access to previous appointments or sessions.

White Paper: Embedded Communications In Healthcare

This white paper explores the role of technology in healthcare and how embedded communications are fueling the e-health revolution.

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