Accelerate App Development with Fast Tracks

When you sign up for a new platform, we know it can sometimes be overwhelming. It can be a challenge to know what information to seek out and simply how to quickly get started building your first project to become successful with the platform. At TokBox, we’ve received positive feedback on our developer documentation and resources, and we wanted to further streamline the development process with our platform to accelerate the path to production.

Made for developers, by developers

That’s why we’ve been working hard on our developer onboarding process to make it more customized and efficient. Today, we’re excited to introduce our new custom onboarding flow called Fast Tracks. With Fast Tracks, developers can simply answer a few questions about the app they’re planning to build, including what device they’re building for, how they want users to interact, and any advanced OpenTok features they want to add. We’ll then use this information to automatically generate a custom “track” – a personalized development plan that breaks down the build process step-by-step, complete with the appropriate documentation for each step, so you can take your app from zero to production faster.

Create Custom Track

Advance your progress in OpenTok

Each Fast Track is custom generated based on the information developers give us. In launching Fast Tracks, we’re aiming to see greater adoption with the OpenTok platform by surfacing information that developers need and making it easier for developers to discover the resources they need to be successful. Think of Fast Tracks as an ongoing course you can follow through your OpenTok journey, and with each completion of a step, you’re completion percentage will increase and we’ll offer you more tutorials as you advance.

Initial results highlight immediate impact

We’ve been working with several developers on putting together Fast Tracks and measuring their success. In looking at the early results, we saw a significant decrease in the amount of time it took for developers to find the documentation they were looking for, leading to faster time to market. This has all been part of a larger effort to make it easier for developers to find what they need in our Developer Center and get to production much more quickly.

In looking at an early test of Fast Tracks, we found that users who stream 1000 minutes in their first week increased by 23%. This helps to identify that with the addition of Fast Tracks, developers are finding the resources they need to build with OpenTok much more efficiently, getting apps in production faster.

We’re looking forward to continuing to track the results of Fast Tracks and work with the developer community to enhance their path to production with OpenTok resources.

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