Adam Ullman goes to SydJS

SydJSIn October our Director of API & Front End Engineering, Adam Ullman, attended the SydJS meetup to talk about ‘Really Timely Communication’.

At the event Adam talked about the future of video communication; going beyond just a single generic Skype-like application and towards lots of applications tailored for specific use cases.  He started out live coding a generic Skype-like app using OpenTok (in under 20 minutes!), which works across web, desktop and mobile.  He then went on to introduce some of the more innovative and exciting use cases of the OpenTok platform.

But we don’t want to spoil it for you.

Check out Adam’s full presentation:

Adam Ullman discusses a web based Skype Killer using Tokbox from Dan Draper on

You can also take a look at the code for the app here.

SydJS meet up