AngelHack Los Angeles Winter 2012

Here at TokBox, we’ve been supporting AngelHack since its infancy. This year it’s no different, and this time we sponsored at a city bursting with startup energy, Los Angeles.

The event is hosted at a spacious and comfortable co-working space called Cross Campus, a place to inspire “creative collisions through space design, learning platforms, and extraordinary events.” If you are an entrepreneur you might want to check it out!

The event started off with sponsor pitches and API talks. Singly provides SDK for developers to get their app connected quickly and easily with services like Facebook, Twitter, Google, just to name a few. Gimbal provides a mobile context awareness platform that includes image recognition and geofencing. TokBox provides a video chat API (called OpenTok), and for demo I live coded a web and iOS app that video chatted with each other.

After a rapid pitch fire of brilliant ideas and delicious lunch, we settled into teams and started building out our ideas. At the end of the 24 hour code sprint, 40 apps are presented, and here are the ones that used OpenTok!

1. DrinkShare is an application that lets you drink with friends through live video. Watch sports together, make funny faces, you name it! With this application, you can join virtual bars and meet new people!

2. Browse With Friends is a chrome extension that lets you stay connected with your closest friends while you browse the web. As you video chat with them, you can drag and drop pictures and quotes, into the chat to share content. Great for event planning!

3. Pick4me uses OpenTok’s Standalone recorder for users to record videos of themselves in different outfits and share their URL with friends so they can help you choose the best fit. No more picking your clothes alone!

4. No Picture Repeated lets you watch your favorite youtube videos with your friends. Simply share a youtube url and watch it together!

5. XOXOGram lets you make holiday videos together with your loved ones. Simply pull up their iOS app, connect to a session, and start singing! They used OpenTok’s iOS SDK and Archiving API to record web + iOS stream, and then stitch it together into one mp4 video.

6. VidTalk is like the voxer for video. Just click to record a video message, and then shoot it to your loved ones!

The first place prize for the best use of OpenTok API goes to XOXOGram, and each of the 4 winning members will be receiving an IPad Mini. Huge thank you to everyone who played around with our API!

Check out what projects came out of the last AngelHack a few months ago.


Update: XOXOGram just released their promotional video. Check it out!