Announcing end of support for v2.0 OpenTok.js library and v2.1.7 iOS SDK

opentok_logoIn our previous post about packing more punch into the OpenTok platform we talked about a new release cadence and support policy.  In order to improve our users’ experience of the OpenTok platform, we will now provide support for the current and previous versions of the client libraries.

As a quick follow up to this, we’re announcing the first set of client libraries that we will no longer be supporting.

As of January 9, 2015, the v2.0 OpenTok.js library and v2.1.7 iOS SDK will no longer be supported and our support team will no longer support questions about these versions.

To ensure that you are running a supported version, you need to upgrade your client side library as described below:

If you’re using v2.1.7 of the iOS SDK, then you should upgrade to v2.3.

If you’re using v2.0.22.1 or older of the JS client library, then you should upgrade to v2.2.

If you need any help migrating, then please check out our migration guide or you can always take a look at our forums for any specific questions