Announcing the end-of-life of the OpenTok 1.0 platform

LogoOpenTokCome November, it will have been four years since we launched the OpenTok platform into the world. Can you believe it? During that time technology has evolved, market demands have shifted, and mobile has become king. As your ambassador to real-time communications, we’ve stayed on top of that ever-changing ecosystem.

That’s why we have some important news to share with you – The OpenTok 1.0 platform will no longer be supported as of January 5th, 2015. It was a hard decision to make as the TokBox team and you – the OpenTok community – have dedicated so much time and energy to building on top of it.

From now on the TokBox team will be dedicating all of our time on continuing to build out the OpenTok 2.0 platform. Since its launch in August of 2012, we’ve seen the OpenTok 2.0 platform deliver a far superior experience to not only you, but your users as well.

Our OpenTok 2.0 platform now boasts:

  • Support for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, iOS, and Android (with Safari coming soon)
  • Support for one-to-one, many-to-many, and few-to-many calls
  • Improved archiving functionality
  • First class messaging to help synchronize applications or build text chat
  • Audio detection, audio-fallback, video recovery

If you’re using OpenTok 1.0, our number one goal is to make your migration to the OpenTok 2.0 platform as seamless as possible. As a result, we’ve created a Migration Guide which gives you step-by-step instructions:

Now you probably have quite a few questions about your existing account and application which we’ve done our best to address below:

What will happen to my account on January 5th, 2015?

  • Your account will automatically be enrolled in a 30-day free trial of the OpenTok 2.0 platform.

What happens after the trial period is over?

  • To avoid service disruption, you will need to input your payment information (if it isn’t already stored) into your account. After the trial your account will automatically be converted to our latest pricing model.

How much does OpenTok 2.0 cost?

  • After the trial period the cost of using the OpenTok platform is $50 per month for your first 10,000 streamed minutes, and ½ a cent per minute after that (archiving is priced separately).

How do I convert my application to use the OpenTok 2.0 platform?

  • Please see the Migration Guide mentioned above.

What if I don’t have a credit card stored in my account?

  • If you don’t input billing information after your 30-day free trial of OpenTok 2.0, then we will disable your account.

How will this change affect my users?

  • Because OpenTok 2.0 leverages WebRTC, a technology that makes it possible to communicate in real-time natively in the browser, your users don’t have to download anything in Chrome and Firefox. On Internet Explorer, they will have to download a one-time plugin.

We want to thank you for being such an important part of the OpenTok community from the start. Your continued support of the OpenTok platform is invaluable. We look forward to you continuing to be part of this next chapter as the OpenTok Platform evolves.