Announcing the OpenTok Connectivity Doctor

ConnectivityDoctor_1024x1024As an OpenTok customer, you know that in order to deliver a great call experience, network connectivity is king. You can spend hours developing your real-time communications app, only to encounter connectivity hurdles like corporate firewalls or blocked IP in a new network environment.

It’s important to know that your application will work where you need it to, whether you’re pitching an investor, selling to a client, or just showing off all your hard work. That’s why we’re excited to launch the first version of the OpenTok Connectivity Doctor.

The OpenTok Connectivity Doctor helps you diagnose problems with your network before or after you connect to an OpenTok session. This tool does not test for errors in your code.

Support for the platforms you use:

– Connectivity Doctor for Web: now publicly available here.

– Connectivity Doctor for iOS:  currently available in TestFlight. Please reach out to TokBox to gain access.

– Connectivity Doctor for Android: now publicly available in the Google Play Store.

How does it work?

You can run this test before you start your OpenTok session, or after you’ve encountered a problem (credit tobi). At this time, it won’t diagnose in real-time.

Each time you run the OpenTok Connectivity Doctor, we test for connectivity to OpenTok’s infrastructure:

  1. API Server

    • Connects to OpenTok and controls the server.

  2. Media Router

    • Enables you to do multi party calls, signaling, archiving and more.

  3. Mesh TURN Server

    • Enables you to have a relayed call with TURN fallback.

  4. Logging Server

    • This allows the TokBox team to collect anonymous data about the network conditions and problems you’re encountering. This information is used by our team to continue to improve the OpenTok platform.

After the connectivity test has run, the results will be displayed on your screen. You will also have the option to enter an email address if you’d like to send the results.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think of this new feature!