Announcing the release of OpenTok for Customer Service (OTCS 1.0)

At TokBox we’re committed to provide an easy to use and easy to build real-time communication platform built on top of WebRTC. Live video communication technology is helping many industries introduce unique and innovative products in areas such as customer service. We are seeing a proliferation of customer service video chat use cases across pre-sales, professional services, expert knowledge sharing and face-to-face customer interaction. According to a recent survey done by eDigital, live chat delivers the highest level of satisfaction in any customer service channel. The ability to video chat takes customer engagement and experience to the next level. We want to enable our partners to deliver high quality customer service applications faster to market to take advantage of this higher level of engagement.

In that light, we’re excited to announce the release of the OpenTok for Customer Service SDK (OTCS 1.0).


OpenTok for Customer Service (OTCS) simplifies the development of any customer service application by reducing what you need to learn about the OpenTok platform from many pieces – sessions, connections, tokens, API keys, streams – to two actors – customers and representatives. With a handful of server side and client side APIs, a website “call customer support” widget can be quickly introduced. If the user browsing the website needs help and clicks on the call customer support widget, a video conference will be initiated right from the browser and the customer will either be placed on hold or be connected to the next available representative. A customer service representative on the other hand can make themselves available for the next customer in line. Both scheduled and on-demand video chat features right from the browser can be quickly built with our latest OTCS SDKs.

How is it done?

On the client side, OpenTok for Customer Service helps customers and representatives set up their hardware, get ready for the conversation and initiate a video chat across both web and mobile applications. On the server-side, our partner will be able to define their own matching algorithms to make sure customers speak to the right representative. Once matched, a video conversation will be initiated and representatives can leverage typical pre-call, mid-call, and post-call activities specific to their interaction. This includes capabilities like putting a customer on hold, transferring a customer, bringing in another representative, co-viewing a screen, co-piloting a shopping cart, and more.

What else is there?

  • We are packaging iOS and Android SDKs to extend video chat features to users on mobile devices.
  • Our customer service SDK is archive ready and partners can sign-up for our archiving beta program to get started.
  • Additionally, we are introducing UI/UX customization options and sample apps to help quickly build features like text chat.

What next?

This is the first version of our OTCS solution. We look forward to hearing your feedback and feature requests as we quickly build the next version of the product with more advanced functionalities.

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