AOTW: Introducing the New iOS TokShow App

Eleven long days came and went before we heard anything at TokBox headquarters. On Monday morning, an Apple employee delivered the good news. We were proud parents of an Apple approved iOS app, TokShow.

After months of anticipation, we could finally shout from our rooftop (or tweet/Facebook/Pin/Tumble) that TokBox had built an SDK for video conferencing in iOS apps. The very first of its kind, bringing “face-time” to everyone.

All proud parents brag about their kids. So with that in mind, there is no more fitting App of the Week than the TokShow iOS App. Now, anyone can enjoy live video talk shows from their iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

How exactly does it work? Just like our web app. Once downloaded, users can browse through a list of active TokShows which they can watch or participate in. Once in the TokShow, users can choose to get in line to go backstage. If selected, they’ll get one on one time with the host.

Thousands of people have already used the web-based version of TokShow.  It’s rare to have the opportunity to chat face-to-face with your favorite musician, pro-athlete or a world-class entrepreneur. That’s the beauty of TokShow; it makes those experiences possible.

The best part about the TokShow app is that it’s interoperable with the web based TokShow. That means that the same TokShow being hosted on a website, can be viewed on an iOS device for anyone that has the TokShow app installed.

While fans couldn’t leverage the TokShow App for these recently hosted events…

Jack Dorsey with on February 28th.

Adam Graves of the NY Rangers on February 22nd.

Pia Toscano, American Idol on March 8th.

…there will be some to catch live very soon. We promise. And until then? You can watch our fish Ren & Stimpy, or maybe even catch our very talented customer relations team during one of their unplugged sessions.