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HackTokBox - Virtual AR Hackathon

[UPDATED July 31]  We’d like to welcome all WebRTC and TokBox API developers, wherever you are in the world, to our TokBox Live Video and AR Online Hackathon! How would you like the chance of winning a $600 prize for each of two top teams – plus OpenTok Developer credits and two second place prizes bringing total prize value to $2520. It’s up for grabs for the teams which create the best OpenTok Live Video apps of any kind, with a special prize for combining Augmented Reality and Live Video. Read on to find out how to get involved.  Your app will be developed in your own time during August/September 2018 in teams of 1 to 3 people – with your app submitted online at DevPost by September 18th.

Two Prize Categories – General Live Video and AR + Live Video

There will be a first and second prize in each of two categories (a single team can only win one prize):

  1. General Live Video prize – $600/team cash + $100/each in credits
  2. Augmented Reality and Live Video prize – $600/team cash + $100/each in credits

The second prizes in each category are $120 cash + $80/each in TokBox developer credits, and all prize winners will get fun T-Shirts and Swag (priceless!).

The general category prize is open to any Live Video app using OpenTok, such as social, healthcare, education or entertainment apps. For example, this year we have sponsored several healthcare hackathons, a specialized React and React Native hackathon, and multiple University hackathons – which generated all kinds of different Live Video apps. So be creative!

We would also like to encourage participants to experiment with Augmented Reality and how to combine AR with multi-party live video streams. So the additional special prize category requires that your app combines an AR toolkit of your choice with OpenTok – see below.

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AR – An exciting and growing space

Let’s talk about AR – Augmented Reality is an exciting and rapidly growing technology space. A recent BI Intelligence report showed the overall AR/VR market growing at an annualized rate of 113% to reach $215 billion in 2021, up from $11 billion in 2017.

New AR toolkits from Apple, Google and others are making it ever easier to develop Augmented Reality applications on mobile devices. And these AR apps are also increasingly using WebRTC-based Live Video to stream these experiences between remote participants, for example for remote expert help, decision support and training.

To be effective in expanding business and social use cases, AR experiences need to be increasingly shared across participants – an area where your existing WebRTC interests and skills will shine. Example AR pioneers already using TokBox for Live Video include DAQRI (see our recent blog), who recently spoke at an exciting AR Meetup in San Francisco (video of their talk will be released soon), HelpLightning and others.

And at TokBox, we have been demonstrating example applications that combine Apple’s ARkit with OpenTok APIs, as described in recent blogs and webinars. So participants targeting the AR category prize should start by looking at our sample code!

Get involved with our Online Hackathon

TokBox is holding a fun online summer hackathon to build apps that use our WebRTC-based Opentok APIs, with a dedicated prize for apps that combine your selected AR toolkit, such as Apple ARKit or Google ARCore, with our OpenTok SDKs. You can choose any combination of web, mobile or desktop platforms that OpenTok supports, which might include iOS or Android to take advantage of Apple’s or Google’s toolkits.

Teams can be up to 3 people total, unless you plan to go solo, which is fine!. Submissions will be judged based on the novel, yet practical, nature of your target use-case and how you show this to be business or socially relevant. With bonus points for multi-participant use-cases and effective user experience design, and of course a special prize for combining Augmented Reality and Live Video into a multi-user experience.

To join up please first join the HackTokBox Slack workspace to get access to promo codes, ask us questions, get up-to-date information, and talk with other participants.

The online hackathon is published on the well-known DevPost site here – so sign up now! This is where you will build teams and submit your apps.

There are get-started instructions for OpenTok APIs and links to GitHub sample code, including ARkit examples, on our hackathon developer page.

We look forward to seeing you in the virtual world during these summer months!