Archiving inches closer with delete APIs

At TokBox we realize that not every recording is created equal.

Sometimes we record something, and for whatever reason it is not really something that we would like to keep around forever. Whether it is that embarrassing profession of true love, or that embarrassing dance tape you made in the bedroom, there are times when it is nice that things can be forgotten and even be removed from the internet.

Enter the delete API for archiving.

So we at TokBox are happy to announce that you can now delete these types of memories (or any archive you want to delete). You can delete because you no longer need the archive; you can delete because it’s not the archive you were hoping to record; or you can delete to manage your archive storage space.

But be careful if you delete that love message, because a box of chocolates might not be enough to bring it back.

Let us know what you think about archiving, the delete API or anything else in our forums.