The new face of social – a Zipcast

This Wednesday (4/20) at 10am PST I’m going to be sharing a presentation I gave at Web 2.0 “The new face of social”.  I’m going to use SlideShare’s Zipcast product which is powered by OpenTok, which means you’ll be able to see me and the slides and fire questions at me via text.

So, not to give too much of a spoiler, but here’s a quick outline of what I’ll be talking about:

5 years ago the terms “social media” and “social media marketing” didn’t exist.  The growth in “social platforms” such as Facebook and Twitter have made these everyday buzzwords, but are these platforms really social?  This presentation explores the real meaning of social and how that can be brought to life by marketers and user experience designers.

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OpenTok gets its first mobile features

Since we launched the OpenTok API back in November of last year, we have been inundated with questions about when it would be available for mobile.  Well, we have been busy working away at it and the good news is that today we are launching the first set of mobile features.

Now developers can build video chat into AIR apps for Android and iOS devices, enabling mobile users to participate in a video chat. In addition, they can also create web apps that are viewable in the browser on Android devices. You can find out a great more technical detail by heading to our Developer blog where Jeff gives the full scoop on what you can and can’t do.

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TokBox Doubles number of Partners Leveraging OpenTok API

As Company Transitions from its Consumer Video Chat Service, Demand for the OpenTok Multi-way Video Chat Platform Grows Significantly


SAN FRANCISCO April 13, 2011 — As the market for application programming interfaces (APIs) experiences rapid, year-over-year growth, TokBox, a leading web video communications provider, is proving this out, with the number of partners using its OpenTok API growing exponentially since its November 2010 launch. In the last 45 days, the number of partners leveraging OpenTok has more than doubled with OpenTok group video chat now integrated in over 80 websites and web applications.

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Our first OpenTok Contest: The best of the rest

Back in February we announced our first Developer Contest and got a great response from the Developer Community.  Today we announced our winner, My Meeting Hub, but we also wanted to give another shout out to the runners up in the contest who created some great apps. In alphabetical order….

Dibake – just a a great tool for starting live, face-to-face debates around important, trending topics.

Knowism – since their first submission in week 3 of the contest and their subsequent win, Deverraux and team actually evolved the product to become the Knowism platform with two products. The first, Knowism, allows you to find experts via LinkedIn and video chat with them directly within the context of their LinkedIn profile.  The second, Instandup, allows you to hold “stand up” meetings with your team.  What’s cool is that only one person can talk at a time and when you hand over the baton, an image of a crown appears over the person who now has the floor! – makes learning accessible.  It allows students to connect with teachers and also lets students collaborate with each other.  Once they won their round of the contest they went on to add an instant call feature (as well as the scheduled call one they had already) and also the ability to upload presentations.  Check it out.

Walking Heads – a game where your video stream is the head for your avatar.  Your avatar can explore the virtual world and meet people by taking special teleporters from room to room where you can play a series of mini-games. Since their first submission and “weekly win”, they’ve added more games for you to check out.

We’ll be launching our next Developer Contest imminently, so stay tuned.

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Contest Winner: My Meeting Hub

Huge congratulations to Dave Tong and the My Meeting Hub team on winning our first OpenTok Developer contest.  It was a close call as all our finalists all delivered compelling apps that utilized the OpenTok API in some interesting and innovative ways.

At the end of the day we chose My Meeting Hub as it is a really useful, incredibly feature rich app and we felt it showed what’s possible with the OpenTok API.

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Goodbye old friend

It is with sadness that today we announce that TokBox video conferencing has breathed its last. It will always have a special place in our heart and we’ll always look back with fondness at the great memories that have been created on TokBox, from video chats with 60 people, to public posts from our friends Brick the Wine Guy and Jonah, and of course the video mails sent to “Santa”.

However, it is time to move on.  As we announced back in February, TokBox will now be focusing on OpenTok our video chat API as well as other new and innovative products such as our new HTML embed, that will make it even easier to add video chat to your website.

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Take our new ActionScript library for a spin

We just announced on our developer blog that our OpenTok ActionScript library has emerged from Beta –  great news for Flash developers.

One of the things that we’ve been having fun with in the office is playing with the apps that have already been created with the library.  One of those was the Meet Me Under the Mistletoe application that our friends at McKinney developed while the library was in its embryonic stages. The TokBox team loves a smooch!

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TWO Winners for Week 4: Meeting Room and Walking Heads

Wow! Great week in the Developer Contest as we were inundated with submissions.  In fact, we were presented with so many that we decided to choose two winners – Meeting Room and Walking Heads.  The two applications couldn’t be more different from each other.

Meeting Room, as the name suggests, is a feature-rich meeting application that allows you to schedule meetings, create agendas, note action items from the meeting and record minutes from the meeting. Super useful.

Walking Heads on the other hand is simply pure fun. It’s a game where your video stream is the head for your avatar.  Your avatar can explore the virtual world and meet people by taking special teleporters from room to room where you can play a series of mini-games. This one had the TokBox team duking it out over a trivia game.

For us, it’s great to see the breadth of ways in which OpenTok can be used and the flexibility it is giving developers when creating their apps – everything from the size of the video streams to having the video streams moving about the screen in Walking Heads.  Interesting to see that Walking Heads used our “Push to Talk” feature too.

Now as we enter the final part of the contest, the 5 winning apps (;;; Walking Heads and Meeting Room) will be polishing up their apps to submit a final version for judging by 3/21.  We’ll be sharing the final winner on the site on April 5th.

And, rest assured there will be more contests coming your way very soon.  Stay tuned.

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Week 3 : Contest Winner –

I am excited to announce the 3rd weekly winner in our Developer Contest –  Knowism is a an incredibly useful mash-up of OpenTok and LinkedIn. Here’s how it works.

Basically you search by name or area of expertise and Knowism returns profile results from LinkedIn.  You click on ‘Chat Now’ and a request is sent to that person for a meeting.  Once they have accepted you can see when they are online and start video chatting with them, thanks to OpenTok.  What’s really neat is that once you are video chatting with that person you have all their profile information from LinkedIn right there on the page in front of you so you can reference it.

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OpenTok & Mochi Media Sprint Hack

Game Developers Conference got you inspired?

Come to our GDC-inspired Sprint Hack at our offices in San Francisco (right next to the Moscone Center, home of GDC) and build the next cutting edge casual game in 6 hours.  Hack it together on your own or join forces with another hacker or two.

Up for grabs, a Microsoft Kinect as well as a bunch of other schwag from our partners – Mochi Media, Kongregate, 6Waves, Envolve and Pusher.

There’ll be experts on hand from TokBox and our partners to help you with out with their APIs and of course we’ll provide all the beer, soda, food and snacks you need to get you through the night.

P.S. Don’t forget – B.Y.O.K (Bring Your Own Keyboard).

The details…

Date: Thursday March 3rd

Time: 5:30pm to midnight

Place: 115 Stillman Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

RSVP on Eventbrite

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