Redefining Work Hackathon by Box

As mentioned in previous blog, we are proud to be sponsoring a Box Hackathon, called Redefining Work. Over the past weekend, we got to live it and it was AWESOME!

For pictures, look at our facebook page. We took pictures throughout the entire hackathon!

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Hack for Change: Your skills are good, but do they do good?

Over the past weekend, July 28-29, we sponsored Hack for Change. How can you use technology to help and improve the lives of the people around you? Or better yet, how can you use video technology to make a change?

On the beautiful saturday morning, opened their Headquarters to developers, designers, and hustlers with a common goal: to build something over the weekend that can help improve the community. In the spacious office with an unlimited supply of snacks, food, energy drinks, beer, and soft drinks, hackers comfortably mingled and got to know each other.

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OpenTok now on PhoneGap

Today we’re taking real time video on mobile by storm with the launch of our PhoneGap plugin. Don’t want to code in a statically typed language (Objective-C)? We got your back.

For a long time we’ve provided a video chat API for web apps and we’ve seen interesting applications. Remote photo-booth, online collaboration, consultation apps, you name it!

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Change the World at the 2012 Box Hackathon

It’s time to take control of your work. Ever notice yourself doing repetitive tasks and wished there was a way to automate? Wish there was an easier way to communicate and collaborate with co-workers?

Let’s do something about it.

On August 11, there will be a hackathon. In two days, you can be the change you wish to see in your workplace by putting together a mobile or web application that your users can use to increase their productivity and happiness at work.

Come in with your computer and your ideas, and learn how technology can help you accomplish your tasks. There will be representatives from different companies to help you and give you prizes for your efforts to improve the workplace.

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Winner of OpenTok’s Prize at ioHack 2012

Aurelio Tinio wins TokBox’s prize (PlayStation 3) for the best use of OpenTok API. He integrated Video Chat into, so that pet owners who lost pets can ‘Call in’ to the animal shelter to see if his/her pet has been found! OpenTok integration in Stray Mapper is still in development and waiting for Approval.


ioHack was held with Google Technology User’s Group (GTUG) at Mashery office in San Francisco. It was a great turnout, had around 80 cool developers who built awesome applications.

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AngelHack SV June 2012

Ankur and I had ALOT of fun at AngelHack Silicon Valley that took place a few days ago. We took pictures!

We gave out Tons of Free Swag, spoke to developers about how you can put video chat into your application through our OpenTok API, gave a live-coding demo about how easy it was to use it in your own site, and then hacked and helped out developers who needed help throughout the night.

We answered all sorts of questions: Rails, NodeJS, Sinatra, iOS programming, PhoneGap, every question was handled. If you don’t know already, we’re friendly. You don’t need an OpenTok question to come talk to us.

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AngelHack 2012 Pre-Hack

Today we got a BIG ASS delivery from Amazon. YOU can win it this weekend at AngelHack, best use of OpenTok Platform takes home the prize!

Here are some unboxing pictures to salivate over:

Today, a Big Box from amazon showed up in our door step.

Out of curiosity, I opened the Box. And it turns out to be the Prize we’re giving out this Sunday for AngelHack!

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Hollywood Hack Day 2012 Was Awesome!

Last Week, I told you I would go to HollywoodHack day, and listed out all the sponsor API and cool things you can build. Well, long story short, I went and it had a GREAT Turnout!

Look at the schedule here.

At the end, there were 24 finished projects, and 170 people attending presentations. List of Hacks!

Who won the TokBox Prize? I gave it to TuneClash. GO PLAY IT!

If I had more prizes, I would have given it out to these projects as well:

Simple Casting: Helping aspiring actors/actresses land gigs in Hollywood.

Social Jam: A Global Music Collaboration. SocialJam unites musicians and music lovers to share impromptu musical collaborations. Users can create profiles, rate, store and share jams.

Celepedia: Gossip and look up information, latest news about celebrities!

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Hollywood Hack Day – PREGAME


I’m super excited for Hollywood Hack Day.

One year ago, I went and built something using the OpenTok API. I fell in love with Tokbox and I work here now. This weekend I will go as a sponsor, and will be giving out a prize for the best use of OpenTok.

Out of sheer excitement, I have compiled a list of all the sponsor APIs that you can use to take your apps to the next level. Go through it, and see what ideas you can come up with to bag a few API prizes!

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Startup Weekend Chicago

A few days ago, I wrote about going to Startup Weekend Chicago. I kept my promise.

On Friday, we started off with a series of inspiring speeches. I managed to snatch 2 minutes of fame telling everyone about the awesomeness of OpenTok.

We pitched ideas and formed groups throughout the rest of the night. There were 65 pitches, and by the end of the night everyone consolidated into 14 teams.

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