Buzzumi: A fresh take on video chats and webinars

Today we’re launching our newest editorial venture, “App of the Week”. One kick-ass OpenTok powered app will be selected by the TokBox team each week to receive a little extra TLC . We’re excited to launch this effort with our inaugural AOTW, buzzumi!

Buzzumi enables anyone to create customized web-based video rooms for up to six people or webinars with up to 100 people.  Signing up for an account is free, but buzzumi also offers their users a way to make money through an incredibly simple PayPal integration.

While buzzumi’s business model is pretty cool, what we’re focusing on today is their killer user experience. buzzumi takes all your pre-conceived notions about what a video chat environment should look like, and blows them out of the water. So what in particular makes their user experience so unique?

Video stream layout:

Buzzumi has challenged the status quo of traditional video chat formats by leveraging the size and layout flexibility of OpenTok video streams. They chose to make one large video stream the focal point of the conversation, while cleanly stacking the remaining streams in the right panel at a smaller size.  While stream-in-stream experiences a la Skype are common, no other video chat/webinar provider has dreamt up an experience quite like buzzumi.

Slick transitioning of video streams:

While the layout is unique and clean, what really stands out to us is the slick transitioning of video streams. The OpenTok API enabled buzzumi developers to design the interaction that made the most sense for their use case. Buzzumi users are empowered to choose who they see as the focal point of the call.  Simply click to choose who to focus on.

Customization of the “room” experience:

Last but not least, buzzumi offers a fully customized experience for a user’s chat or webinar room, matching their brand or mood without worry about how it will affect the OpenTok video streams.

“At buzzumi we’re obsessed with making the live video chat, light, fast, and extremely user friendly. We spent a lot of time thinking about how to remove all unnecessary clutter and we’re pretty happy with what we ended up with. Of course, the flexibility of the OpenTok platform was a key factor in achieving this” said buzzumi CMO, Karim Gargum.

The pretty pictures above just don’t do buzzumi justice. We recommend you go check them out yourself here.