Calling all Student Geeks

Are you passionate about technology? Do you enjoy playing or working with leading-edge technologies and APIs? Do you like telling your friends about the latest and greatest sites on the web? Do you like to explain how things work? Are you looking for a way to do all of this, get paid for it and maybe even get school credit?

TokBox is launching our first ever On-Campus Developer Evangelist Program.  We will be selecting up to 10 undergraduate students (in their first, second or third year of study) to work with us, part-time for the rest of this semester, promoting our OpenTok API.  In return, we will pay you $300/week.

So, what’s the catch?  There really isn’t any.  All you have to do is attend or host one developer-focused event per week, write one blog entry per week and submit three sample applications over the course of the ten-week program.  At the end of each week you send us a report on the events, together with your blog entry and sample application (if one is due) and in return, we will pay you $3,000 at the completion of the program.

And yes, we’ll likely be doing this on an ongoing basis.  So if things go well, this could be the beginning of a wonderful relationship that goes beyond this first ten-week period.

To get you started at the beginning of the program, we’ll even fly you to San Francisco to attend a one-day workshop to meet the TokBox team, familiarize yourself with the OpenTok API and to get your OpenTok goodies!

It’s sound pretty good, isn’t it?  Well, here’s how to apply.

1. Submit a 1-3 minute video of you presenting a project or topic that you are passionate about.  This really can be anything and we’re more interested in what you have to say than quality of the video itself, so just use YouTube, Vimeo or something similar and send us a link.

2. Submit a link to an application you have built using the OpenTok API.  You can take a look at some of the things that have already been built for inspiration, but let your imagination wander

3. Submit a current resume along with the two links above.

All applications should be submitted to by February 25th, 2011.

If you still have more questions before you apply, either read the fine print here or send us an email to

We look forward to seeing your applications and hopefully meeting you in person.