Change the World at the 2012 Box Hackathon

It’s time to take control of your work. Ever notice yourself doing repetitive tasks and wished there was a way to automate? Wish there was an easier way to communicate and collaborate with co-workers?

Let’s do something about it.

On August 11, there will be a hackathon. In two days, you can be the change you wish to see in your workplace by putting together a mobile or web application that your users can use to increase their productivity and happiness at work.

Come in with your computer and your ideas, and learn how technology can help you accomplish your tasks. There will be representatives from different companies to help you and give you prizes for your efforts to improve the workplace.

TokBox will be there to show you how to put real-time video into your web/mobile app. Use our OpenTok api to video chat with co-workers, record video chat sessions, and take pictures within your own application! Take real time collaboration to the next level with video, and you can walk home with an Apple ThunderBolt Display for the best use of OpenTok.

Firebase solves all your Database Problems. Add scalable real-time backend to your application and say goodbye to PostGres, MySQL, SQLITE3 (lol) headaches! Use Firebase for your database, and you can plug in their javascript library to get real time updates for any database updates. Best use of firebase API gets $250 cash and Mario Lamp!

Need some intense processing that takes a few seconds and don’t want it to tie up your servers? Offload it to for processing! is great for processing images, videos, large data, and queueing messages. Just use their API to send them the data you need to be processed, and they will notify you when it’s done. Best use of their API will get you a GoPro Hero 2 so you can go record something extreme.

Do you need to call or sms co-workers? Do it with Twilio! They provide an API so you can call and text from within your application. Not interested in speaking to your co-workers? Not a problem. They have a Text to Speech client that will read your text into the phone call. Pretty cool stuff. Best use of their API will get a Kindle Fire and $50 Twilio Credits.

Smart Phones have become such an integral part of our work environment, and if you are one of the mobile rockstars planning to build native Android or iOS application, parse will save your life. With an easy to use native SDK you will instantly have a backend solution for storing and retrieving data. Focus 110% on developing your native application without a backend to distract you. Parse will give out an iPad 3 for the best use of their API.

Need data for your app? Need an API that’s not mentioned here? Check out Mashery. Mashery powers and manages hundreds of APIs that your application can use. Chances are, if you are thinking of an API, Mashery probably has it. Use klout to filter out influential customers, USA Today to get news related to your business, Rovi to get music metadata, etc. Mashery will give out a Big Jambox to their favorite app using any API powered by Mashery.

Last but not least, will be hosting this hackathon and they are going big! If you didn’t know already, Box not only stores files, but it also has an awesome collaborative features through sharing. Use their api to automatically upload/download files from your application and manage sharing capabilities with co-workers. Wow them with your app, and you can walk home with $2500 Amazon Gift Certificate and 5 Box Enterprise Accounts for life!

Hope to see everyone there. Jon Mumm and I will be there through the whole event to help anyone with OpenTok’s Javascript Library or iOS SDK. Here’s a picture of our prize:

Don’t miss out on the chance to get our Shiny Apple ThunderBolt Display.

SignUp and use ‘opentok’ code to Knock $25 off the ticket price. Or visit this link to have the code automatically applied.

Questions? Leave a comment below!