Chrome 63 kills the macOS WebRTC audio bug

MacOS webrtc audio bug

Our good friend Philipp Hancke wrote a great post recently on a WebRTC audio bug that has been plaguing Chrome on MacOS for the last few years. The issue presented itself as the microphone not working sometimes in Chrome on MacOS until you completely restart the machine. This seemed to happen after a Mac went to sleep and then woke up again.

The good news is that this is fixed with Chrome 63! Philipp put together a great chart showing the error rates in different versions of Chrome which clearly shows the drop off with Chrome 63.

macOS webRTC audio bug

Daily occurence of macOS Chrome audio bug in Chrome 62 and 63

Issue tracking at TokBox

At TokBox, we have been keeping track of this issue as well. We reported it to our customers last year when it became a big problem. We provided a way to detect when this happens in our JS SDK. We also worked with Google to help to resolve the issue by providing crash dumps and data about our customers experiencing the issue.

We have been tracking instances of this error experienced by our customers and can confirm that Chrome 63 seems to have fixed the issue.

macOS WebRTC audio bug

As you can see from this chart, Chrome#63 failure rate has basically dropped to 0 when compared to other versions. It’s that flat black line at the bottom.

It’s great to see the WebRTC community coming together to report and diagnose these types of issues. Continuing to improve the quality of WebRTC for everyone!

You can find information about bugs currently affecting WebRTC and how we are working to solve them for our customers and the wider community in our Knowledge Base.