Update to Chrome Screen Sharing

[UPDATED September 6] As you may know, Google recently announced the deprecation of inline installation of Chrome extensions in an effort to improve transparency and security. For end-users, this means that the process for installing screen sharing extensions will change from inline installation to installation from the Chrome Web Store. Below, you’ll find information on the deprecation timeline provided by the Chromium team:

  • September 12th – inline installation disabled
  • December 2018 – inline installation API method removed from Chrome 71  

What’s happening?

Starting September 12th, users installing Chrome extensions will be automatically redirected to the Chrome Web Store to complete the extension installation process. To prevent this from creating user experience issues for applications with screen sharing, the WebRTC team is working with the Chromium team to add getDisplayMedia, a screen sharing API, in Chrome 70. Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge currently support the getDisplayMedia API and it’s in development in Safari as well, so it will be great to see Chrome adopt the same API for screen sharing.

What is TokBox doing?

We are watching the Google Chrome ticket “Ship screen capture for WebRTC for the web,” regarding the getDisplayMedia functionality very closely and plan on implementing the feature in the next release of our JavaScript SDK to leverage the change. Once this API is implemented, users that have Chrome with the getDisplayMedia API will be able to screen share without having to install any extensions. We’ll also add sample code and documentation to reflect the changes.

How can I stay informed?

To follow our ongoing updates, please subscribe to this FAQ article here. We’ll continue to update this article once we have additional information.

What actions can you take?

You should consider upgrading your web application to make the Chrome web store installation redirect as seamless as possible. As per your usual plan of upgrading to the latest OpenTok JS SDK, you may also want to inform your end users that they will be redirected to the Chrome Web Store when they try to screen share.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team at support@tokbox.com, or check out our FAQ.