Collaboration Moves to the Next Level!


Hey Tokbox Fans!

I am very happy to announce that today Tokbox has partnered with EtherPad, the really real-time collaboration tool. Now, all Tokbox users can simultaneously collaborate on one text document or “pad” while chatting in a video call. These pads can easily be added into any call by dropping in an EtherPad URL, just as if you wanted to watch a YouTube video. When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, all changes are instantly reflected on everyone’s screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate on text documents, useful for meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, and more (EtherPad). EtherPad is already being used by Fortune 500 companies and Top 100 global universities. Pretty cool, huh!

To start collaborating on text documents today, just follow these 4 simple steps. Don’t forget to let us know how you like it. (Just send me a VMail at or an email at

Step 1. Start a video call


Step 2. Invite up to 20 friends or coworkers

invite friends

Step 3. Drop in an existing URL pad

new baby

pad in

Step 4. Start collaborating in person, in real-time!

etherpad cool

*If after dropping in an EtherPad URL, the pad is unable to connect and continuous to display the “Reconnect Now” message, please go into your preferences and make sure is “allowed” to use cookies on your computer.