The Cordova OpenTok Plugin: Live video for iOS and Android applications

Cordova OpenTok plugin for WebRTC

When I introduced myself at the start of October, I shared my aim of working with TokBox developer community members to maintain and add support for third-party frameworks in order to reach as many developers as possible. I’ve been busy since then speaking to our community and learning about what they need to have a great experience with our OpenTok platform and get creative with live video.

One framework that has come up repeatedly is Cordova. So today, I’m really happy to announce that I’ve updated the Cordova OpenTok Plugin so it’s compatible with the OpenTok iOS and Android 2.12.0 SDKs.

By using the plugin and the Cordova framework, you can add live video chatting capabilities to your mobile applications in JavaScript without having to touch any native code. Please keep in mind that the plugin does not yet support all of the features that are available in the native SDKs. For more details, you can find the documentation regarding the plugin here.

For supporting material, we’ve also created an OpenTok Cordova Samples repository which contains sample code for creating the following applications:

Below, you can see me video chatting with Ernest, one of our cloud engineers, using the OpenTok Cordova Plugin.

Cordova OpenTok plugin

We’ve categorized both the plugin and samples repos as OpenTok Labs projects. The OpenTok Labs label indicates that the plugin is an exploration project, rather than an officially supported repo, so we’d love you to contribute by filing issues and sending pull requests to improve it. For more information on contributing, please visit the repo contribution guidelines.

As you may know, you can also use Cordova plugins for Ionic applications through Ionic Native, a TypeScript wrapper for Cordova Plugins. Knowing that, I’ve added an additional samples repo on how to use OpenTok and Ionic together!