How DAQRI is combining live video and AR to make workforces smarter

DAQRI live video and AR

DAQRI is a leader in providing professional-grade AR solutions, including the use of live video to support remote collaboration. We caught up with the team at DAQRI to find out how they are using TokBox.

Making workplaces smarter

DAQRI’s professional-grade AR empowers workforces to be more effective. DAQRI Worksense™ and DAQRI Smart Glasses® link digital content to the real world to accelerate productivity, communication, and key business processes. From the office to the factory floor, DAQRI customers improve workplace efficiency, safety, and their bottom line.

The Challenge

When workers are in the midst of complex tasks to keep high-value assets operational, questions come up that can only be answered by a colleague or expert in another location.  It is important to answer these questions quickly to reduce downtime and eliminate frivolous travel costs. Reliable, secure video communication, screen sharing, combined with digital annotations, can provide prompt assistance so solutions can be reached quickly and efficiently.  

Why TokBox Live Video?

Straightforward Integration
The scalable, customizable OpenTok platform gave DAQRI the opportunity and creative freedom to integrate reliable video with their existing AR tools.  This allows collaboration over video directly from the job site.

Recording and collaboration
Using OpenTok’s multi-party capabilities gives DAQRI the flexibility they need to enable large groups of users to work together. These sessions can also be archived for later distribution using the OpenTok platform’s secure recording capabilities.

Keeping information and potentially sensitive data secure is crucial for businesses working in the enterprise space. Thanks to encryption, peer-to-peer calling and secure hosted infrastructure options offered by TokBox, DAQRI has everything required to fully utilize enterprise-grade WebRTC-based capabilities.

The Impact:

DAQRI Show, part of the Worksense suite, makes it easy to connect workers so they can collaborate to solve problems.  Enterprises are minimizing downtime by lowering the time to resolution when an issue arises. Show provides your workforce with more effective support in the field and extends the availability of subject matter experts.

Learn more about live video and AR

If you’re inspired by what DAQRI has created, join us on June 28th for a Meetup in our San Francisco HQ – get your free ticket here. Find out more about the DAQRI AR platform at, and try some hands-on AR development yourself on iOS with ARKit and OpenTok, described in a previous blog and on our recent developer’s webinar.