Double Robotics presents at LeWeb

Yesterday, the talented folks at Double Robotics rocked the stage at LeWeb in Paris. David Cann, Co-founder and CEO, demoed their telepresence robot, Double. The sleek Double combines Segway-style movement with video presence delivered through an iPad.

Leveraging OpenTok’s iOS SDK on WebRTC, Double enables owners to broadcast their video stream on the robot’s iPad from any location. Not only that, but the operator can stream and control its movements from a smartphone.

Cann demoed the Double’s original inspiration, which was to connect remote workers with their home offices. Calling his CTO back in Sunnyvale, Cann took their Double for a three a.m. spin around the office from Paris. Customers are also finding uses for Double for remote tours of factories, museums, schools, and retail outlets.

You can enjoy Cann’s full demo in the video below.

As owners of a Double (a perk of powering its video) TokBox has found it incredibly useful for connecting with our remote team members in New York and Australia. So useful in fact that if you visit our SF headquarters, you may see our beloved J9 roaming the room looking for trouble.

Congrats to the Double Robotics team on a successful demo! Pre-order your Double today!