Downloading archives

Update: March 13, 2014 – Please note that this blog post references the archiving functionality in our OpenTok 1.0 platform. This feature is no longer being supported. Learn more about archiving using our OpenTok 2.0 platform.

A few weeks ago we were very excited to release our archiving feature to a wider audience. Now a video conversation is no longer a fleeting moment in time, but something that can be recorded and played back.

What we noticed however was that people wanted a bit more then just having the ability to record and play back archives. Our partners want to take ownership of the individual videos, to modify them, and to more easily share them with family, friends and their own end-users.

What to do?

To help our partners out, we’ve released downloading of archives as a part of the OpenTok API. Now you can download an archive, which is composed of all the individual recorded videos, giving our developers yet another way to interact via video on the web.

If you’d like to learn more about the download functionality, then head over to our documentation . Also, we need help getting this functionality into our server-side libraries on GitHub. If you’re the first to check in code which builds the new download archive functionality into the server-side libraries, then we’ll send you an OpenTok t-shirt.