HAPI Hack Summary

Last weekend we hosted HAPI Hack Weekend at our office in San Francisco. Over 40 talented hackers made it out to show off their skills and win prizes by hacking on 11 different APIs.

Here are the applications that were built using OpenTok:

  • Groupchat.tvGroupchat is an application that brings group video chat to Facebook. The app uses OpenTok to supports up to 50 streams. You know you’ve had a successful hackathon when TechCrunch writes about you the next day.
  • FaceRateFaceRate is an application to get the true reactions of your friends. The app uses embed.ly to grab videos and share them with friends. Then it uses OpenTok and Face.com to capture and analyze the reaction of your friends.
  • Morning PersonMorning Person is an application that will turn you in to, well, a morning person. Every morning, the application will call your cell phone to wake you up. Once you’re up, it asks you to go to your PC and take a picture of yourself to verify you’re awake. Once you’re up, it allows you to read the news, see the weather, and chat with other early risers. Best of all, the app saves your pictures, and at the end of the year you can see 365 pictures of yourself and how you’ve changed over the year.

Thanks again to all who attended and I look forward to seeing ya’ll at the next event.