Hollywood Hack Day 2013 – Pregame

Back for its 3rd year, Hollywood Hack Day is a two-day event that brings developers from all over Los Angeles and Orange County together to create the next generation of entertainment applications and we are very excited to be sponsoring this event again. If you live around the area, get your thinking hats on and register for your weekend of programming fun!

If you didn’t know already, TokBox provides a live video streaming API called OpenTok that lets you put live video chat into your website. We have a javascript library, iOS, and Android SDKs. To get a taste of how our API works, get started here!

If you have any questions with our API, feel free to reach out to us @tokbox or to me directly @songz or ask on stack overflow!

Heres a list of other sponsoring APIs and how they can can help you with your hack:

Mashery: Powers a lot of APIs, including Rovi, Klout, Netflix, Rdio, etc. If you need data (geolocation, music, video, etc), you will probably find an API for that in Mashery’s network.

Rdio: An easy and legal way to access and play music across web and mobile devices. They have an iOS/Android API, as well as web API for getting music data and playing music

Spotify: Lets you build apps directly into the Spotify desktop or mobile app. You can also use their API to retrieve music data or access their player for integration with your own website.

Twilio: Gives you an API to buy phone numbers, make and receive phone calls, or send and receive SMS messages. They have a web API as well as mobile SDK

Sendgrid: The best way to send email and parse incoming emails programmatically. They made sure you email (registration, confirmation, newsletters, …) do not end up in people’s spam folder.

Klout: API for you to integrate with klout, a platform for users to recognize and understand their areas of influence. My klout score is 62, whats yours?

Sonos: API provides an easy way for content to be delivered by web-based streaming music services and consumed by the Sonos Wireless HiFi System.

Tumblr: Tumblr’s API let you interact with their blogging site. Get blog posts, write posts, reblog posts, retrieve gifs and other images, etc.

Gracenote: Provides music/Video recognition and discovery as well as music metadata.

Topspin Media: REST API that provides access to artist metadata, media and offers from ArtistLink artists, letting developers use ArtistLink to build great apps for fans around content that comes directly from artists.

Hope to see you there!

We are giving out a $200 amazon gift card for the best use of OpenTok API, get started here for some face to face fun!