Hollywood Hack Day – PREGAME


I’m super excited for Hollywood Hack Day.

One year ago, I went and built something using the OpenTok API. I fell in love with Tokbox and I work here now. This weekend I will go as a sponsor, and will be giving out a prize for the best use of OpenTok.

Out of sheer excitement, I have compiled a list of all the sponsor APIs that you can use to take your apps to the next level. Go through it, and see what ideas you can come up with to bag a few API prizes!

Rdio: An easy and legal way to access and play music across web and mobile devices. They have an iOS/Android API, as well as web API for getting music data and playing music!

SongKick: Gives you easy access to the largest live music database in the world. Get Upcoming/past events, search for user’s upcoming and past events, through their API!

Rovi: Gives you all sorts of data for TV, Movies, Games, Music, and more! Their API also allows provide music/movie/other entertainment recommendations!

Spotify: Lets you build apps directly into the Spotify desktop or mobile app. You can also use their API to retrieve music data or access their player for integration with your own website.

Tokbox: Gives you an API to put video chat into your website. You can code video chat anyway you want to create group chat, talk-shows, mobile-web broadcast, or even video messaging! We have a Web API as well as iOS SDK

Twilio: Gives you an API to buy phone numbers, make and receive phone calls, or send /receive SMS messages. They have a web API as well as mobile SDK

Sendgrid: The best way to send email messages. They made sure you email (registration, confirmation, newsletters, …) do not end up in people’s spam folder!

SpireIO: Use their API to send realtime messages and notifications! If you are building anything collaborative/ realtime you’ll find SpireIO’s API helpful.

Tumblr: This relatively new API let’s you interact with your tumblr account. Get blog posts, write posts, reblog posts, etc. Imagine everything you do on Tumblr without having to be on Tumblr!

EventBrite: Gives you an API to search for events, create/update events, get venues, get users events, etc.

Mashery: They are a network of APIs. It’s not an API itself, mashery powers alot of the APIs out there, such as Rovi, Klout, Netflix, etc. Use Mashery for API discovery because they have a large network. They also have an API Explorer that lets you explore and play with different APIs!

*Curious George*

I’ve used most of these APIs before, so if you need help or have any questions, FIND ME! I’ll be floating around in the event. Feel free to tweetme!

If you can’t make it, feel free to contribute your ideas in the comments below, it might be invaluable for our Hollywood Hackers.