How to Launch Video Meetings in Slack with the TokBox App

A version of this article originally appeared on the blog publication “In Context,” by Nexmo, The Vonage API Platform. The OpenTok Live Video API is now part of Nexmo.

Slack is a popular workplace collaboration tool that has an estimated 10+ million daily active users. With so many people using Slack, including those within our own developer community, bringing our customizable live video experience with the TokBox-Slack integration app was a natural progression. Elevating the developer experience is at the forefront of everything we do, from our developer center to our Live Video API, the OpenTok platform.

The TokBox-Slack integration offers an easy way for you to launch a customized live video experience on Slack for end users, without ever having to leave their workspace.

While the TokBox app offers a default live video meeting web experience, it is a simple starting point.

You can easily implement your own branded and full-featured video conferencing application using the OpenTok SDKs. With one command, our new slack integration provides users with a seamless way to launch a video session.

Configuring Your TokBox App on Slack

To get started, you will need to sign up for a TokBox account. (Need help getting started? Try our fast track, here.) Once this is done, you can configure TokBox and create meetings with a few simple commands.












When you use this command: /tokbox, it enables you to configure the app, while also allowing your workspace users to generate unique links for live video meetings that are OpenTok-hosted. Here are a few more commands that you need to know:

/tokbox config  <apikey> <secret>

Set the OpenTok Project API key and secret. If the workspace already has the app configured, it will be overwritten with new credentials.

/tokbox config

Display the current Project API key. The response is visible only for the user who types the command.


Create a new meeting. The meeting link will be posted in the channel where the user types the command.

/tokbox remove

Remove the current TokBox Project API Key and secret.

And now you’re ready to elevate collaboration with customized live video meetings, all without ever leaving your Slack workspace.

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