If Facebook and OpenTok were to have a love child…

….it might look a little like SUTalk, a new OpenTok app launched recently.

SUTalk basically lets you video chat with up to 20 of your Facebook friends directly on Facebook.  SUTalk is not the first mash-up of OpenTok and Facebook (we know about at least one other, Hoot.me), but its interesting because it is purely social.  As you can tell from the screenshot (of the TokBox team goofing around) you can just hang out with your friends and see what they’re up to.

We think there are lots of potential applications for OpenTok within Facebook – companies with a Facebook page could create an app to engage face-to-face with their fans, town-hall style, or one-to-one for customer support; social gaming developers could create a new generation of parlor games (face-to-face Scrabble, anyone?); the opportunities are endless and we are excited to see more Facebook apps like this over the coming months.

What do you think would be a cool mash-up of Facebook and OpenTok? Feel free to build it and submit it to our contest too.