InstaEDU: On-demand Video Tutoring Platform

The E-learning industry is a-rockin’. Based on research done by LinkedIn between 2007 and 2011, E-learning clocked in as the 5th fastest growing industry, up 16%. So, how exactly is the E-learning stat relevant to TokBox?  Over the past year, we’ve seen a slew of educational partners crop up, all of them leveraging our OpenTok API to teach face to face, online.

Today we’re introducing you to InstaEDU (Now Chegg Tutors), our newest App of the Week.  InstaEDU lets students connect to tutors over live video chat at any hour of the day to get help on homework and prep for tests. Paying by the minute, students only have to pony up for exactly what they need.

Video wasn’t always the answer for founders, Alison and Dan Johnston. The two started their company as an in-person tutoring service called Cardinal Scholars. They quickly discovered that students don’t have the most predictable schedules when it comes to studying. They built InstaEDU to supplement their offline tutoring business, and provide an option to those students who needed help 15 minutes before an exam or at 4am. Students…procrastinating…what?!?

So how does it work? Students in need of some help enter the subject that they’re having trouble with. InstaEDU pings appropriate tutors from schools like Stanford, Harvard, and MIT who are online, and connects the two over live video chat (powered by OpenTok of course).

InstaEDU (Now Chegg Tutors) has had a busy month to say the least. On May 30th they announced they had raised $1.1 million dollars in seed funding. Today? They sold Cardinal Scholars to Course Hero (Congrats!). Tomorrow? They are focusing on making their OpenTok powered video tutoring service even better.