Introducing Cloud Raptor SDK – Robust apps made easy

icn_labs_raptor-metalToday, the OpenTok platform adds the Cloud Raptor SDK into the fold. Partners’ application servers can use the Cloud Raptor SDK to listen to the events and messages that pass through an OpenTok session. Accessing these events and messages on the application server makes it easier to integrate OpenTok logic with the application logic. (Prior to Cloud Raptor, OpenTok events and messages were only available on the client.)

Before today, building robust applications with the OpenTok platform meant writing a distributed application across many clients. The clients either synchronized between themselves, the partner sent back a lot of AJAX calls to their server, or the developer used a service like Parse. Now, with the Cloud Raptor SDK, OpenTok developers can have one OpenTok brain for their application – simplifying the development and extending the possibilities simultaneously.

With the Cloud Raptor SDK, partners can now build:

  • Analytics engines that monitor the number of connections, streams, and sessions across their OpenTok universe

  • Moderation controls that allow an application’s own business logic dictate who gets into a session, how many connections can be in a session, the rules of when to kick someone out of a session without having to expose any of this functionality in the client.

  • Time tracking capabilities that connect a billing system with the length of a conversation to securely bill clients for time with a doctor, consultant, or financial advisor.

To get started with the Cloud Raptor SDK, head over to the Cloud Raptor SDK labs page to download the JAR file, see tutorials, and learn more about how to get started.

Introducing the Cloud Raptor SDK from TokBox on Vimeo.