Introducing Encrypted Archiving

TokBox Archiving APIBack in 2014, we released a WebRTC industry first – an Archiving API built on top of the OpenTok Platform. The ease of use of the Archiving API which enables the recording of any OpenTok session has become one of the key drivers for our customers to choose TokBox. We’ve seen demand from customers across a range of different industries with a range of use cases but the ability to record OpenTok sessions, in a format that is optimized for playback (Composed Archiving) or one that gives customers complete control over post-processing (Individual Archiving), is a common ask across the board.

TokBox is constantly responding to feedback and to a growing demand for greater security and adherence to compliance requirements. In order to ensure that customer’s information is always safe, whether it’s media, API or messaging traffic we have invested in adding industry standard security technologies and processes:

  • HTTPS Support

  • Secure RTP

  • HTTP Authentications

  • Secure WebSockets

  • Application level authentication using tokens

  • Safe Harbour Certification

  • HIPAA Compliance

We continue to work closely with customers in highly regulated industries, such as Financial Services and Healthcare, to make sure that the application they build on OpenTok is secure and meets their compliance needs.

Continuing these efforts to make customer data with TokBox even more secure, we’re excited to release a new feature – Encrypted Archiving. With this feature the archived data is never unencrypted at rest or in transit providing the highest level of security. Encrypted Archiving offers a Public-key cryptographic system (public keys that may be disseminated widely paired with private keys that are known only to the owner) to customers building applications that require data to always be encrypted. This feature was built in close collaboration with our customers and we are confident that Encrypted Archiving will help meet the most stringent of compliance and regulatory needs.

This feature is available to our Premium & Enterprise customers. Please contact sales if you need access to the feature.