Introducing the Interactive Broadcast Solution

TokBox's Interactive Broadcast SolutionOver the last 5 years, we’ve helped hundreds of companies create rich and engaging applications with OpenTok powered live video and voice. Now, we’re bringing broadcasters and brands (who are now broadcasters too) unprecedented audience engagement with the launch of our new Interactive Broadcast Solution.

Until now live broadcasting applications have focused on one-way streaming. This works well for conferences or events. But now, Interactive Broadcast is the first solution to enable multi-­party panels, video-based audience participation, and an on-brand experience for website and application owners. The Interactive Broadcast Solution gives broadcasters the tools they need to bring user-generated content and viewer-participation content to both online and TV audiences.

These new online broadcast experiences can range from a two-party video chat broadcast to hundreds of viewers, through to enabling audience members to join in and become part of the show, and anything in between.

How Interactive Broadcast Solution works

For example, our first Interactive Broadcast Solution partner, Fox Sports, have built the Fox Sports Huddle – a weekly live College Football chat show on, sponsored by Edward Jones.  By enabling this type of interaction online with embedded communications, the Interactive Broadcast Solution has the ability to offer interactive, real-time broadcast shows online, where thousands of audience members can truly become part of the show.

So what makes the Interactive Broadcast Solution so easy to use?

  • No need for plugins or third party applications – it embeds seamlessly into any website which means broadcasters and participants don’t need to install a plugin or visit a third party website.

  • Minimal development work and customizable UI – it is easy to embed into your existing websites and applications.

  • Intuitive producer workflow – the producer dashboard gives an event producer complete behind­-the-­scenes control. Producers can even create high-quality, TV-ready content with built-in recording capabilities to distribute and share via various social media outlets.

The launch of the Interactive Broadcast Solution, along with our beta release of the OpenTok Apple TV OS SDK, marks a shift in the broadcasting space, where the lines between online and television are becoming increasingly blurred.