Introducing the Annotation Widget in Beta

Icon_set-Annotation-121115Embedded communications is so powerful because of one very important factor – context. Whether that’s a web page, presentation, LMS, medical scan, (the list goes on), context enhances the conversation. Better still? When collaboration features are layered on top.

Using the OpenTok platform, our aim is to make it super simple for you to add rich collaboration functionality to your apps. Today we’re happy to introduce the Annotation widget for the OpenTok platform in beta –  a pre-built UI component that can be quickly added to your application. The widget adds annotation and frame grab capabilities to the OpenTok web, iOS and Android SDKs and is  completely customizable.

The Annotation Widget offers the following functionalities:

  • Both publisher and subscriber can annotate on each others video or shared screen
  • It works seamlessly across web and mobile clients
  • Ability to capture still images of the annotated video frame
  • Drawing tools like pens (with colors and thicknesses), lines (different types), shapes (arrows, rectangles etc) and text annotations

With annotation features, customers have increased efficiency, improved user experience, and increased customer satisfaction rates across a range of use cases.

OpenTok annotation widget

Drawing, commenting and the addition of lines on top of a shared screen or document can improves experiences across a wide range of use cases – whether it’s e-learning, or business collaboration. Let’s explore a few scenarios below:

Customer Service:

A Customer Service agent can use pointers or highlighters on a shared screen to guide customers through a workflow or help them fill out a form.

Field Services:

Leveraging front and rear-facing cameras on mobile devices, remote experts can experience  a field technician’s service challenge first hand. Combined with collaboration tools like drawing, annotations and more, technicians have the support they need to finish the job.

This is a beta feature and we are interested to get your feedback and comments. Please email us with any questions. Ready to go? Start playing with our Annotation widget here.