Introducing the One-to-One Sample App

tokbox-inc_markWe’re excited to announce the release of the OpenTok One-to-One Sample Application across web, iOS and Android.  This open-source application enables you to speed up your development efforts to set up interoperable, production-quality audio/video communication between users.

As you get started with this OpenTok sample, you will learn the best practices used to develop and manage the audio, video, and camera elements on mobile devices or in the browser. We recommend this is as your first step in delivering Real Time Communications (WebRTC) solutions on the OpenTok platform.

The Functionality

What can you do with the One-to-One Sample App?

1) Create mobile apps for Android and iOS, or embed the interactive session between users into any website

2) Initiate interoperable audio/visual communication between two users, regardless of the devices they are using

3) Start and end a meeting

4) Mute or un-mute audio

5) Enable or disable video

6) Control the camera to point in the forward direction or in the reverse direction (selfie mode)

7) Customize the UI features and layout

The Benefits

What does all of this actually mean for you?

1) Best practice implementations of one-to-one audio/video communication

2) Reduced development time for 1:1 call applications

3) An application that interoperates across web and mobile endpoints

To learn more about the one-to-one sample app, visit our GitHub repository.  Haven’t started building yet? You can sign up for a free trial here.