Introducing the OpenTok Apple TV OS SDK (beta)

AppleMockUpToday we’re excited to introduce the first WebRTC SDK for the AppleTV to support the next generation of endpoints – the television.

The rise of mobile, open sourced software and social networks has democratized content in every field from journalism to photography and video production. However, the last remaining battleground is the television, and Apple, with the new Apple TV, is blurring the lines between online and television, opening up all new possibilities for content creation and engagement. This marks not just another endpoint supported by TokBox, but the start of a new era of content creation that happens in the living room, which is why we’re prioritizing TV together with the web and mobile.

With the launch of a beta program for our OpenTok Apple TV OS SDK, TokBox is the first company to use Apple TV to unify the first, second and third screen, enabling user generated chat content to be distributed via television.AppleTV

The OpenTok AppleTV OS SDK allows any broadcaster/content creator to build video chat content (live or archived) into an Apple TV app, thereby moving rich, real time communication into television for the first time and opening up new audiences of millions of people. Now, amazing user generated content can be created to be consumed in the same way as people are used to consuming content from major TV networks and movie studios.

Imagine watching the superbowl with friends around the country (or world) and being able to talk smack right on the screen, embedded in with the broadcast.

You can request access to the private beta program for our OpenTok Apple tvOS SDK by emailing