Introducing the Windows SDK for the OpenTok Platform

Windows SDK for the OpenTok PlatformToday we’re rolling out our new Windows SDK into public-beta. This means that you can build live video applications and services that work seamlessly across iOS, Android, Web and Windows desktops, laptops, and tablets. With this, TokBox is continuing to broaden our endpoint flexibility for our customers and partners.

SDK Features

The Windows SDK has all the great features that you’ve come to expect from the OpenTok Platform. In addition to being fully interoperable with all our existing client SDKs, it also includes support for:

  • C# API for Windows C# developers
  • .NET 4.6.1
  • OS versions: Windows 7, Windows 8.x and Windows 10
  • x86 and x64 architectures
  • Custom video capturer

Windows device

Use Cases

Our customers have been vocal about their need for a Windows SDK to meet their deployment needs. For example, Windows Tablets, like the Microsoft Surface, are being used for sophisticated portable solutions that take full advantage of the Windows development environment and which then want to easily integrate live video. Other applications, such as eLearning and interactive broadcasting systems, may have more sophisticated “control consoles” built on systems like Windows, while students and audience members are using browsers and mobile devices.

GoInStore is a great example of how our new Windows SDK is being actively used in the market today.

GoInStore LogoGoInStore have a truly innovative solution that enables consumers to have an in-store shopping experience online, all through the power of live video and audio.

Visitors to retail websites simply click on the “GoInStore” button from any product page, which launches the online video facility from which they are able to see ‘through the eyes’ of the assigned sales person’s SMART Glasses or mobile device. GoInStore is empowering retailers to deliver an entirely new way to shop online. See their website for videos and case studies with a range of retailers.

GoInStore mobile experience

Why Windows? GoInStore has a broad client base, some of which have already deployed powerful Windows 10 tablets to in-store sales staff.  In order to differentiate their offering, they wanted the GoInStore application to work well across a range of endpoints, including these Windows tablets. With the new Windows SDK, their customers can leverage the same high quality live streaming fully integrated into their Windows tablet app that they were previously providing on Android devices.

What’s Next?

To start, we’re optimizing for x86 and x64 architectures. In future iterations we plan to have full Universal Windows Platform support and support for ARM devices. In addition we plan to add H.264 encode/decode capability.

The Getting Started guide and API documentation are available here and sample code is here. Any issues or questions, please email We’re looking forward to seeing the innovative apps you’ll build with the OpenTok Windows SDK.