iOS Developer Contest – 2012 Winners!

In march we announced our iOS Developer Contest to celebrate our OpenTok iOS SDK.

Today we officially announce our winners! Out of all the super awesome submissions, 3 teams will be receiving an iPad 3. Without further ado, here are the winners:

1) An iPad3 goes to Romotive! Romo is a robot that you attach iphone/ipod into, and you will be able to control it from the browser! You can also broadcast your video onto the iphone and see what Romo sees on your browser. Welcome to the new age of telepresence! These guys are serious, you can order their robots Today. Read their blog!

We also managed to get our hands on one of the Romo bots. We took it to TechCrunch Disrupt and it was Sensational! We even gave out one of them as a Prize!

Romo Bot

2) Another iPad3 goes to PlayTell! If I was 5 years old again and there’s ONE app I want on my iPad, it would be PlayTell. It has all my favorite books!

PlayTell allows you to read books to your kid on the iPad. You can see the kid, and the kid can see you. Page flips and interactions are synchronized between the browser and the iPad so you’ll always be on the same page! This is great for parents away from home (Business trip?).

One of their developers, Jason, was actually in SF so he dropped by our office to collect the prize!


3) The last iPad3 goes to B2gether! There is nothing like browsing the internet together with someone else, and David Bello set out to solve this problem. With B2gether, every scroll, page click, is synchronized not only through the web, but across mobile devices as well! The real kicker though, is that you can now see the people you are browsing the web with. Read blogs, share pictures, watch videos together with friends you love!

“b2gether is a tool that let people share a web browser and a video conversation at the same time. It is very simple to use and especially useful for customer service or help desk tasks or simply to navigate together with relatives.”

– David Bello

Although we don’t have another prize to give out, we also really liked It’s a Facetime Killer! Not only can you call people mobile-mobile, you can now call people mobile-web too! If Facetime had a more powerful twin it would be

Once again, congrads to all the amazing hackers who submitted their entries. Stay updated to future events by following me or TokBox on Twitter!