Learn from your couch with Learningfy

Last year I tried to teach myself German – and failed. I learned more German watching Project Runway reruns on Lifetime. The problem is: left to my own devices, I don’t have a ton of commitment and cheat a lot. So – while there’s lots to like about the latest OpenTok app, Learningfy, what I like the most about it is that if I sign up for a class (here’s one for German) and some one teaches me over video, I’d be a lot more motivated to make it happen.

Learningfy is an online learning platform for students and teachers to interact face-to-face via webcam classes. By reducing the time and geographic barriers, Learningfy not only solves the “Janine wants to learn German but won’t get off her couch” problem, it also opens up opportunities for students to learn a wide variety of skills from teachers from around the world. Learningfy offers a $5 trial, after which the teachers can create their own classes and set their own rates.

Check out a demo of Learningfy here. We like learning how developers are using OpenTok in educational apps, so if you’re building one, let us know.