LetsListen Amps Up the Social Listening Experience

Listening to Enrique Iglesias shouldn’t be a solo experience. With so much passion, Enrique’s songs demand that you stare into your friend’s eyes while lip-syncing “Hero”. The plus side of alone time with Enrique? You can test out your suave new dance moves.

Music lovers in the tech community appear to agree that listening to tunes online should be a social experience. And the proof is in the pudding. Over the course of the last year social listening services have popped up to meet that demand. We’d like to give a shout out to one service in particular that is our newest App of the Week.

LetsListen allows users to host a listening party online while serenading their friends live via OpenTok video. Describing itself as a “social cloud music locker”, users can access their music anywhere, anytime. That means a face-to-face party is just an wifi network away. Have a particular request for your DJ friend? Just ask.

Given that tunes are the main focus of LetsListen, they chose to integrate OpenTok within a flexible window. Want the video streams small? No problem. Want to see the sweat on your buddy’s brow as he jams to Coldplay? Just enlarge his video stream.

The best part about their integration of OpenTok? They completed that bad boy in just 24 hours at this past weekend’s Music Hack Day in SF.

“We choose TokBox, because TokBox rocks.  It makes video chat dead simple to integrate, and it’s free.  We fully integrated the TokBox video chat system into LetsListen.com at Music Hack Day 2012 (yea, we did it in just 2 days) and now our users can listen to music together with their friends and see them live via video chat” said Cole Flournoy, Founder of LetsListen.

Now its time for you to listen to music and chat with friends, just like they are right in front of you. Belt your heart out, bust a move, or just give LetsListen a spin.