Limitless Customer Experience Possibilities For Contact Centers – Introducing SIP Interconnect

fv_SIP_iconIt’s hard to believe that in this day and age of digital transformation you still have to announce yourself when you ring a contact center. Or even worse, why you have to repeat your account details from one agent to the next. It’s among the most frustrating of customer service experiences, not to mention inefficient and costly for operators.

Well, today, we are making it a problem of the past with the launch of SIP Interconnect. Not only does it bring contact center technology into the 21st century, it opens a whole new world of interactivity and efficiency for operators and for customers.

With SIP Interconnect, organizations can seamlessly integrate WebRTC-powered video and voice in order to offer personal, real-time customer service online. In addition to enabling switching between voice and video calls, SIP Interconnect gives organizations the power to embed communications directly into their websites and mobile applications. Calls can be triggered at the touch of a button, immediately taking the customer to an agent who has all the context around the call.  For instance, the agent will know where the customer was within the app or website, what they were looking at, who the customer is, or what task they were trying to complete. Plus, it can be integrated directly into the CRM and contact center systems, so customers will no longer experience the frustration of explaining their identity or situation, or being handed off from one agent to another. The future of customer engagement is going to be “contextual” – the ability to pass metadata embedded in a call and be able to seamlessly use this information to better handle the customer experience.

Customers can be instantly routed within existing workflows to the right agent with the right information to deliver a far more efficient service. For the customer, everything can be done in the one place and from any device while experiencing reduced hold times, fewer call drop outs and an overall intuitive, personalized and seamless service from the agent. With SIP Interconnect we remove all of the technology barriers so that contact center operators and companies of all sizes can provide the superior customer service experience that comes with contextual communications.

There are a number of ways SIP Interconnect can be used, including “see-what-I-see”, where the operator can view the customer’s environment through their smartphone camera, such as an insurance operator viewing the damage to a house or car. And also “click to call”, giving any customer the ability to trigger a video or voice call directly within the context of an app or website. Without “click to call” customers have to leave the app they are in to speak with an agent, making it much more likely they will simply give up and churn away.

All options are fully embeddable into a smartphone app or webpage and include third party bridging with interoperability between voice and video. We believe this is the bridge to the future. Enabling new and rich experiences on various connected end-points whilst still being able to leverage existing investments in contact center software is going to pave the way to more greenfield opportunities in the future – that of a purely digital contact centre.

A couple dozen companies signed up for our closed beta and are experiencing amazing results across different geographies and also use cases.  Look here if you’re interested in hearing more about them, or how it may work for you or please get in touch with a member of our team.